Over the past 10 years I have created and established my own style of contemporary wedding photography, combining the best elements of reportage with a dash of traditional and a dash of fashion photography. My style is both natural and timeless.

I always photograph weddings with an assistant photographer so we can capture both the bride AND groom getting ready in the morning, shoot the ceremony from different angles and take lovely candid shots of your guests during the drinks reception whilst you're off having your shots done and during the formal group shots. Having two photographers on your wedding day is a HUGE advantage.

Steve and Kat my assistant photographers and Arnie my videographer have been working with me for many years. They are all highly experienced professionals and brilliant at what they do.

I've been a professional photographer for over 20 years and have shot in excess of 300+ weddings across all religions and cultures inc. Jewish, Greek, Muslim, Hindu, Syrian, C of E, Catholic, Asian, Indian etc

Over the years I have photographed many different styles of photography inc studio, still life, people and portraits, editorial, advertising, architecture and fashion and all of that experience comes together when I'm shooting weddings where there are elements of them all.

Needless to say I have tons of professional equipment so if one camera goes down on the day I have two more to immediately replace it with. It hasn't happened to me thankfully but I have heard horror stories of photographers only having one camera which get's dropped or damaged or suffers from a technical fault.

I always bring lots of location flash with me which allows me to light your wedding beautifully and professionally and works as a contingency against bad weather and poor natural light (both inside your venue and outside) I always try to use as much natural light as possible but if it's overcast then sometimes I need to give nature a little helping hand.

I always offer you a pre wedding venue consultation, which allows me to help you plan your day; how long the different shots will take, the best locations for them and where best to shoot if it's raining. Ultimately the time I have to play with is decided by you and I will happily fit in with your schedule.

Your wedding photographs are sacred and I ensure that they're future proofed by creating two physical back-ups plus a cloud back-up. All part of the service!

There are NO hidden charges, all costs will be discussed and agreed in advance of your wedding.

I don't limit the number of shots that I give you, I'll supply you with all of the good stuff, individually finished and supplied on dvd in both colour and b&w. For a full day wedding you will generally receive 500-600 images.

I have received tons of positive feedback over the years and a large portion of my work is via recommendation. Please look at my 'Appreciation' page to read some of the nice things my clients have said.

I offer fully integrated videography alongside my photography which is a massive advantage over booking separately. My team and I work seamlessly together, we don't vie for space or time on your day and you won't be pulled in different directions trying to keep the photographers and videographers happy.

I pride myself on a friendly and professional service, I'm good with people and happy to address and organise large numbers of guests and my team and I understand the ebbs, flows and time constraints of a wedding day. I'm also really, really organised!